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David S. Rolfe, L.L.C.

Prior to entering the renowned University of Denver College of Law, David S. Rolfe was a proud member of the U.S Navy, as a Navy Diver, 1st Class and then as a Saturation Diver.  He first began appearing in Colorado courts in 1987, following on the heels of both his law-school graduation and a prestigious clerkship with one of the country’s best-known criminal defense attorneys.  He handled significant construction defect cases, as well as a number of homeowner's association cases before moving on to the Colorado Public Defender's Office in Denver.  He practiced both Civil and Criminal Law for a highly regarded Denver firm before beginning to practice . . .


We have been proud members of the Parker community since 1990.

At David S. Rolfe, L.L.C., we dedicate most of our practice to providing the best family law services to our clients, including as their attorneys and counselors at law; or as mediators, arbitrators, or child's legal representatives.