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Unbundled Legal Services

Unlike legal advice, these articles will not help you to directly apply the law to your unique situation. Contact us if you wish to schedule a consult for legal advice.

Potential Advantages

•You continue to represent yourself – no attorney enters an appearance

•You control how much money you spend for legal advice

•You have access to legal advice when and if you decide you need it

•You decide how much advice and the type of services you need

•You control settlement and you communicate directly with the other party and the court



What we offer…

•Free one-hour initial in-person consultation

•A reduced hourly rate for unbundled legal services ($225/hour)

•A reasonable retainer customized to your unique situation

•The option to obtain additional advice over the phone or in person

•Help with the challenges identified above

•Full disclosure of potential disadvantages of unbundled legal services in our fee agreement and at the initial consultation with a discussion to determine if this is the right option for you


Challenges faced by Self-Represented Parties 

•Figuring out how to tell your unique story to the court and how to support it with evidence

•Understanding the Rules of Civil Procedure and deadlines

•Understanding the law and evaluating the facts well enough to know whether a desired outcome is realistic, reasonable, or fair

•Understanding the Rules of Evidence and how to introduce evidence in court

•Identifying objections which can be used during a hearing

•Understanding disclosure requirements and the pitfalls of non-disclosure

•Recognizing what kinds of discovery are available, when discovery might be useful or necessary, and when discovery will only add complexity and costs with little benefit

•Performing legal research to find case law or statutes to support your position(s)

•Discerning when a court-appointed expert may be necessary and the differences between experts, finding a good expert, and figuring out how to make the best use of an expert report

•Drafting a settlement agreement to resolve contested issues that is clear as to intent and prevents problems by being specific enough to be enforceable if a controversy arises in the future