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Initial Status Conference

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This first court appearance date is generally set forth in the Case Management Order and it is called an Initial Status Conference. This short appearance at Court helps the Court and the parties to get the case moving in the right direction. We will meet with you to prepare both you and your case for this first court date. Both parties and their attorneys usually attend. In some circumstances it is held before the Family Court Facilitator (FCF) and in others it will be in front of a Judicial Officer, either a Judge or a Magistrate. You might think of it as judicial triage where the Court will quickly assess the case and determine what has occurred so far and what needs to occur next. Mandatory Disclosures, including the Sworn Financial Statement, will need to have been completed by the Initial Status Conference. We prefer that our clients have their parenting class completed by that date as well, even if the Case Management Order allows for additional time. We prefer to have our clients show up for their first Court appearance in full compliance with all Court orders and ready to proceed. We are going to do everything we can to have compliance with the Case Management Order and Mandatory Disclosures by our clients completed by the first court date.