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There are many services available for counseling regarding your marital and parenting issues before you commence a dissolution of marriage or legal separation action, or begin any family law matter involving children. Counseling may be helpful at any time as your case progresses and it might be recommended for various reasons at different times. It is never a sign of weakness to seek appropriate support for any family member or for the family as a whole.


While not everyone is in need of such counseling or support, many people involved in a dissolution of marriage or parental responsibility dispute benefit from such options as do their children  It may provide assistance in understanding the problems of the marriage, of the dissolution, and most importantly, in easing the emotional stress of a legal proceeding on you and the impact on your children.


If there are children involved, counseling can help with the problems that arise in parenting and the grieving process during the divorce, legal separation, or dispute, and with helping them through this difficult time.   Colorado now requires that both parents attend and successfully complete a parenting after divorce seminar as part of the dissolution of marriage or legal separation action. Our office has a file of resources and many books are available as well. There is also a list of these classes in the Case Management Order (CMO) which is entered by the court at the start of every case.




In cases involving domestic violence or child abuse, counseling will be recommended if it is not already underway. As stated in the paragraph above, our office has resource files and resources to make referrals and there are lists of providers listed in the CMO as well.


In certain cases, we will insist on our client obtaining counseling as a condition of representation. Please understand that we are not mental health professionals. We are a law firm and are trained as legal professionals. When our client is hurting emotionally, as much as we want to assist them, the most we can do in that circumstance is to provide resources for them to obtain the support they need.