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Sworn Financial Statement

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A Sworn Financial Statement is one of the first documents you will be required to prepare once your case is initiated and you receive your Case Management Order. It is required prior to the Initial Status Conference and is part of your Mandatory Financial Disclosures pursuant to C.R.C.P. 16.2(e). It is also required for any temporary orders hearing, permanent orders hearing and to obtain a Decree of Dissolution of Marriage or Legal Separation, even if all of the issues are settled.


Many people find the preparation of a Sworn Financial Statement and putting together their Mandatory Disclosures overwhelming. We will help you through the process, and will begin to help you at your initial consultation. Our paralegals work closely with clients in preparing Sworn Financial Statements and Mandatory Disclosures in order to help hold down attorney costs.


This office uses excellent software for the Sworn Financial Statement. You will be provided a Sworn Financial Statement questionnaire to complete and return.  Think of your Sworn Financial Statement as a financial snap shot in a moment of time. The Court recognizes that it will change almost as soon as it is signed. If the information changes significantly or becomes stale then it must be updated or corrected. This information is vital to determine child support, maintenance, division of responsibility for debts, division of assets and other matters.  Your Sworn Financial Statement should be prepared with utmost care. You will sign it before a Notary Public under penalty of perjury. We will assist you.

As our client, your attorney will review the form with you very carefully and answer all of your questions before you sign it. We will assist you to update it as your case progresses.


We will also provide you with a list of Mandatory Financial Disclosures Pursuant to C.R.C.P. 16.2(e) and advise you as to the information and documents which are required by the court to be exchanged between the parties.