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Attorney David S. Rolfe

Prior to entering the renowned University of Denver College of Law, David S. Rolfe was a proud member of the U.S Navy, as a Navy Diver, 1st Class and then as a Saturation Diver.  He first began appearing in Colorado courts in 1987, following on the heels of both his law-school graduation and a prestigious clerkship with one of the country’s best-known criminal defense attorneys.  He handled significant construction defect cases, as well as a number of homeowner's association cases before moving on to the Colorado Public Defender's Office in Denver.  He practiced both Civil and Criminal Law for a highly regarded Denver firm before beginning to practice in the area of Domestic Relations in 1989.

Mr. Rolfe moved his practice to Parker, Colorado in 1990 and has continued to focus his practice  in Family Law and Mediation. As his expertise developed, Mr. Rolfe came to recognize that the earlier cases were settled, the better the outcome for his clients. Just as importantly, he came to appreciate the value of minimizing the detrimental impact of conflict on the families involved. As a direct result of this insight, Mr. Rolfe began developing his practice in the areas of mediation and other strategic roles. He has an active mediation practice and currently takes court appointments as Child and Family Investigator, Child's Legal Representative, Parenting Coordinator, Decision Maker, Special Master, and Arbitrator. Mr. Rolfe is a strong proponent of mediation, as it is a practice designed to lessen the impact of divorce on the client, and therefore the family, while giving the parties involved personal control over the outcome of their case.  He was an early proponent of Early Neutral Assessments in Colorado and is a member of several ENA teams.

His extensive experience in mediation is a tremendous asset in his family law practice, as mediation is required in every case. Guiding our own clients through mediation is a component of representation for all our family law clients. Mr. Rolfe has come to emphasize Mediation and Early Neutral Evaluation as a central focus of his personal practice. The law firm as a whole focuses almost exclusively on the representation of family law clients and Mr. Rolfe is still actively involved in the day to day management of cases.


In terms of his professional accomplishments, Mr. Rolfe has served on numerous committees and held memberships in many professional organizations over the years and feels an obligation to give back to the community through volunteer work.  He is a member of a number of professional organizations focused on interdisciplinary cooperation and education to improve outcomes for families and children.  He is a member of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC), and a Founding Member and Past President of the Colorado Chapter (COAFCC). He is a member of the Metropolitan Denver Interdisciplinary Committee (MDIC), a group of mental health professionals, attorneys and mediators committed to collaboration with one another in order to help children and parents through the difficulties of divorce and family disputes.  He is a member of the Colorado Bar Association (CBA), the Family Law Section of the CBA, and serves on the Colorado Bar Association Fee Arbitration Committee. He is also a member of the Douglas Elbert Bar Association (DEBA), and the Arapahoe County Bar Association (ACBA).  Mr. Rolfe serves on the 18th Judicial District Access to Justice Committee as well as the Araphoe County Best Practices Committee. He volunteers for legal clinics in several counties and he organized and participates regularly in the Douglas County Pro Se Resource Center, which provides resources to unrepresented parties every Friday morning at the Douglas County Courthouse.