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The firm concentrates a significant amount of its attention on Mediation in Family Law cases.  Mr. Rolfe has been trained by CDR in Boulder, a world renowned center for both Mediation and training of Mediators.  Mr. Rolfe is a Founding Member of the COAFCC and previously served on the Board of Directors and as the President.


A large part of Mr. Rolfe's practice is dedicated to helping both sides of any Family Law case to reach resolution.  Over 60% of our mediation practice is in helping clients who do not have an attorney reach a resolution of their case.  The law refers to these types of clients as "pro se".  This has saved Mediation clients tens of thousands of dollars in reaching a fair and equitable resolution of the issues in their case.  Settling a case through mediation can result in between one fifth to one tenth the expense of taking the same case to trial.


Our belief is that by helping both parties to find common ground and to work out their issues jointly that they set the stage for a strong future relationship and can save themselves a tremendous amount of costs both financially and emotionally now and in the future.


The added benefit is that the parties alone are in charge of how their case is resolved, rather than relying on the court system to try to adjust itself to their particular circumstances and those of their family.

We handle several different forms of dispute resolution, including mediation and early neutral assessment.

ENA/ENE refers to an evaluation team process called Early Neutral Assessment/Early Neutral Evaluation.  Two trained professionals (one is a mental health professional and one is an attorney) make an early assessment of your case with both parties.  Mr. Rolfe serves on three different evaluation teams.  He is also available to do an ENA evaluation on financial matters as a single ENA evaluator.  In numerous jurisdictions such an early evaluation may take the place of mediation.


The ENA Program is an alternative assessment procedure offered to domestic relations clients. It provides an opportunity to expedite settlement of disputed issues in a manner that reduces both the stress and expense of the process. Parties will have the option of selecting this procedure early in the court process; though it may not be suitable in all cases. In ENA the parties (and their counsel, if represented) will be given a confidential forum with experienced neutral professionals to voice their concerns and wishes and then receive feedback as to likely outcomes of their issues. ENA is settlement focused and can expedite judicial case management. The parties can retain more control over their situation and thereby navigate the system with a higher degree of satisfaction.