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David S. Rolfe, L.L.C.

At David S. Rolfe, L.L.C., we dedicate our practice to providing the best in family law services to our clients. David S. Rolfe serves in various roles including  attorney, counselor at law, mediator, arbitrator, parenting coordinator, decision maker, child's legal respresentative, and child and family investigator.


David is a skilled and experienced litigator and we prepare vigorously for all court hearings and help our clients do the same.


Nevertheless, we find the litigation model should generally be discouraged for family law matters. As a result, we will work with you to explore settlement options at all junctions in your case. If you have children, we strongly recommend Early Neutral Assessment to settle matters relating to your children.


We also focus on transactional services including "pre-nups" or marital agreements.

We have been proud members of the Parker community since 1990.